How To Create an Interactive PDF Flipbook Ebook


Hi, today we are going to see how you can create a pdf flipbook, let's see if you have a pdf and you want to Convert your pdf book to flipbook like below.

You can do that easily, when we use normal pdf to read we a scroll pages to read one by one, and with the flipbook instead of scrolling the pages, you can flip the pages like a real book and it's also interactive and eye catching.

Convert Your PDF to Flipbook

Let's follow below steps and create interactive Flipbook under 5 minutes

1. Let's create a pdf book using Canva, once your pdf book is done let's go to the next step.

2. Convert Your PDF into a flipbook, we need to create an account on website called issuu.

issuu is a online platform that will help you to convert your pdf into a flipbook, let's create an account on issuu click here and you will be redirected to issuu  plans, let's choose basic plan and signup now using your email or Facebook and Google account.

3. To create an flipbook let's connect your Canva account to issuu, you can easily do that, on the pdf file creating time let's click on share button and and search issuu in search bar, you can do that by watching below video.

4. Once you connect your issuu account to Canva you can easily see issuu option in Canva file share options, let's select pdf pages to convert in flipbook, you can do that easily.

5. That's it your pdf flipbook is ready to share with anyone and you can do that easily through your issuu account, by following below step.

1.1 Go to your issuu account dashboard.

1.2 Select flipbook & click on share button.

1.3 Copy link & share it.

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