Create an Blog and Make Money Mobile Course PDF Download

How To Earn Money Using Your Mobile Blogger Advance Course Through this course you will be able to make money using your mobile, $500 to $5000 monthly. 

You Will Learn in This Course

● How To Create a Blog
● Blog Important Settings
● Connect Domain To Blog
● Generate Privacy Policy Page
● Generate Terms and Conditions
● How To Add Contact us Page Fast
● How To Write Article in One Minute

This is a full earnings course, Here I'm showing only course Descriptions and details. You will get everything with links download this post in pdf link Available in below, Everyone can easily Access to videos just by clicking on links. It's available in Red Links, Thank you.

Create Blog With Mobile and Earn Money in 2022 Easy Earnings Method

It is very easy to earn money through blogger, Now this is not the case at all, once you have created a blog and you will start getting money, My purpose is to say that you can earn money, Here we are going to tell you step by step, how to earn money by blog, Is domain mandatory for blogger so answer yes, By the way, if you want, there can be no issue of domain, you can create a blog without domain, When you connect a domain to your blog, then your blog gets a unique look, and everyone will find it easily, Like Quickchampions,com Then let's give you important tips about the blog.

Blog Design With Important Settings

First you create an email After that go to Simply Blog There, enter the unique name of your blog and create it. Friends, you should also note this thing, do you want to make the blog according to which category? Now enter the name of the category according to which you want to make the blog, After that come in for setting.

● First of all friends, you will get to see the title, Set your blog title.

● After that friends you have to add a Description to your blog.

● After that you will get the button of blog language, do not tamper with it, If that blog language will be English, then you have to let it remain English.

● After that friends you will get the option of adult content So you don't have to mess with him Because your blog will be a normal one.

● If you want to set a custom domain then you can easily Put it in Blog But for that, you
can easily buy a domain by clicking here.

● After setting up the domain, turn on HTTPS availability and HTTPS redirects.

● You have to enable Meta Tags If you want to rank your blog, then it is imperative to
write good keywords in it.

Blogger Custom Theme Settings

With this your blog setting is completed, You need a good theme to give the best look to your blog, How To Download How To Apply Theme You Can See Everything By download this post in PDF Below.

Blogger Custom Domain Settings

You can Watch This video to add a custom domain to the blog. Watch this video before buying the domain.

How To Generate Privacy Policy Page

It's imperative to create a privacy policy page Click Here to create a Privacy Policy page through your mobile.

Create Terms and Conditions Page

After creating a privacy policy page, you also have to Create a Terms and Condition page.

Create Contact us Page For Blog Site

You must have a contact us page people can easily Contact with you Click Here to Create
Contact us page easily.

How To Write Fast Articles

I told you that you can write an article in 1 minute It is absolutely right that you can write Article from 1000 words to 1500 Words, You must be thinking how can this be, It is absolutely possible with the artificial intelligence, By Clicking Here you can watch video, how can you write an
article absolutely free, You write almost articles through artificial intelligence, it is 80 to 90% free of plagiarism, It just takes a little work and it's really easy. How to Remove Plagiarism Text from Your Articles?

I About Me and This Post

Some Words For You I hope you liked this series I just told you how to earn money from mobile This work is easy, you
can easily earn a lot of money by doing this work, What I told the setting, you have to do it only once on the blog, after that you just have to go on write Articles Post and earn money I have also taught you to write a post, how you can easily write your article within 1 minute, Do you guys know how you can publish an article after writing it? Just Click Here and learn how to publish your article, Well it's very easy work.

On Which Blog Can You Earn the Most Money Daily $750 Easily?

If you talk about the most money, then you can easily earn a lot of money on it by making a gaming blog, let me give you example like you can see other gaming blogs, They earn in this way that the paid applications which are available on Google Play Store, They Are convert Paid Apps To mod Apps and publish it on their site for free, And in this way they get traffic Monthly Millions Traffics and Earn Thousands of Dollars.

Download this post in PDF and Get Full Access To Videos and Start Earnings

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